University of Florida

2010 Florida Citrus Growers' Institute


Program Agenda

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

8:00 AM - Registration

8:25 AM - Welcome and Introductions

Asian Citrus Psyllid Management & Practical HLB Field Experience

8:30 AM - Effect of Insecticides on HLB Pathogen Transmission by Psyllids - Dr. Michael Rogers, CREC

8:45 AM - Current and Emerging Psyllid Management Tools and Pesticide Resistance - Dr. Lukasz Stelinski, CREC

9:00 AM - The Future of Psyllid Management - Dr. Phil Stansly, SWFREC

9:15 AM - Effect of Light and Cultural Practices on Behavior of Asian Citrus Psyllids - Dr. Mamoudou Setamou, Texas A&M, Kingsville Citrus Center, Weslaco, TX

9:45 AM - Managing an Insectory - Dr. Shawron Weingarten, Orange Co., Arcadia, FL

9:55 AM - Lessons Learned from 4 Years of HLB Management - Mr. Mike Irey, United States Sugar Corp., Clewiston, FL

10:10 AM - National Academy of Sciences HLB Report - Dr. Tom Turpen, Program Manager, Citrus Reserch Development Foundation, Lake Alfred, FL

10:20 AM - Florida Citrus Administrative Committee - Mr. Duke Chadwell, Manager, Lakeland, FL

10:25 AM - Break

HLB Management

10:45 AM - Update on Systemic Acquired Resistance in Plants - Dr. Arnold Schumann, CREC

11:00 AM - Nutrition and SAR’s Effects on HLB Infected Trees - Dr. Bob Rouse, SWFREC

11:15 AM - HLB Infected Citrus Tree Yield and Health when on a Nutritional Program - Dr. Tim Spann, CREC

11:30 AM - Advanced Production Systems in Florida - Dr. Kelly Morgan, SWFREC

11:45 AM - South Africa’s Perspective on Advanced Citrus Production and Greening - Dr. Hennie le Roux, Citrus Research International, Nelspruit, South Africa

12:30 PM - Lunch

Plant Improvement and Genomics

1:30 PM - Breeding, Genomics and Genetic Engineering - What This all Means to a Grower - Dr. Mikeal Roose, University of California - Riverside, Riverside, CA

2:00 PM - USDA Plant Improvement - Dr. Ed Stover, USDA/ARS, Ft. Pierce, FL

2:15 PM - Genetic Engineering Approaches to Solving HLB and Canker - Dr. Jude Grosser, CREC

2:30 PM - Transforming Tristeza to Give Trees Resistance to HLB - Dr. Bill Dawson, CREC

2:45 PM - Using Metagenomics to Investigate the Microbial Diversity of HLB-infected Citrus Phloem - Dr. Eric Triplett, UF/IFAS, Gainesville, FL

3:00 PM - Genome Sequencing and Application to Genetic Improvement - Dr. Fred Gmitter, CREC

3:15 PM - Southern Gardens Genetically Modified Citrus Trees - Mr. Rick Kress, Pres., Southern Gardens Citrus., Clewiston, FL

3:30 PM - Citrus Black Spot Update - Dr. Megan Dewdney, CREC

3:30 PM - Adjourn

CES: County Extension Service

CREC: Citrus Research & Education Center, Lake Alfred, FL

SWFREC: Southwest Florida Research & Education Center, Immokalee, FL

UF/IFAS: University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

USDA/ARS: United States Department of Agriculture/Agricultural Research Service