University of Florida

Citrus Greening Symposium 2009


Program Agenda

8:00 AM - Registration

8:25 AM - Welcome and Introductions

8:30 AM - Citrus HLB Research - Dr. Jackie Burns, Associate Center Director, CREC

Production Systems & Plant Improvement

8:50 AM - Advanced Citrus Planting Systems - Dr. Bill Castle, CREC  HANDOUT Available

9:10 AM - Changing Horticultural Production Systems - Dr. Megan Dewdney, CREC  HANDOUT Available

9:30 AM - Transgenetic Solutions at CREC - Dr. Jude Grosser, CREC  HANDOUT Available

9:50 AM - Transgenetic Solutions at USDA - Dr. Ed Stover, USDA/ARS, Ft. Pierce  HANDOUT Available

10:10 AM - Surveying for Naturally Occurring HLB Field Resistance - Dr. Fred Gmitter, CREC  HANDOUT Available

10:30 AM - Break

Vector Management

10:45 AM - Asian Citrus Psyllid and HLB - Dr. Michael Rogers, CREC  HANDOUT Available

11:05 AM - Ultra-low Volume for Asian Citrus Psyllid Suppression - Dr. Lukasz Stelinski, CREC  HANDOUT Available

11:25 AM - Psyllids and the Guava Effect - Dr. Russ Rouseff, CREC  HANDOUT Available

11:45 AM - Successful Wide Area Psyllid Control - Mr. Vic Story, Story Citrus Services, Lake Wales  HANDOUT Available

12:00 PM - Lunch

Horticultural Responses to HLB

1:00 PM - Fruit Size, Yield and Quality in HLB Infected Trees - Dr. Tim Spann, CREC  HANDOUT Available

1:15 PM - Evolution of HLB Symptoms - Dr Gene Albrigo, CREC

1:30 PM - Leaf Nutritional Analysis of Symptomatic HLB Trees - Dr. Arnold Schumann, CREC  HANDOUT Available

1:45 PM - Imidacloprid-induced SAR (Systemic Acquired Resistance) in Cleopatra Mandarin and HLB Development - Dr. Jim Graham, CREC  HANDOUT Available

2:00 PM - Remedy Ultra for Citrus Stump Sprout Control - Dr. Steve Futch, CES, Lake Alfred  HANDOUT Available

2:15 PM - Break

Disease Detection & Spread

2:30 PM - PCR Results from Multiple HLB Testing Labs - Mr. Mike Irey, United States Sugar Corp., Clewiston  HANDOUT Available

2:50 PM - Host Responses of Different Citrus Varieties to HLB Infection - Dr. Bill Dawson, CREC  HANDOUT Available

3:10 PM - HLB Introduction and Spread within Citrus Groves - Dr. Tim Gottwald, USDA/ARS, Ft. Pierce

3:30 PM - HLB Spread, Management and Resetting - Mr. Mike Stewart, Consolidated Citrus, Lake Placid  HANDOUT Available

3:40 PM - HLB Spread and Management - Mr. Manual Lopez, Peace River Packing, Ft. Meade

Mr. Shawron Weingarten, Orange Co., Arcadia

Mr. Chris Oswalt, CES, Bartow  HANDOUT Available

4:10 PM - Adjourn

CES: County Extension Service

CREC: Citrus Research & Education Center, Lake Alfred

USDA/ARS: United States Department of Agriculture/Agricultural Research Service

CEU’s - 6 for RUP, 5 for CCA